Reception: Sonja and Lisa

Service: Sonja, Franziska, Manuela, Kornelia, Erika and Lisa
The four lovely ladies from Collepietra, boss Sonja and daughter Lisa do the breakfast and evening service.service

Floors and laundry: Kathi, Martha, Christine and Helene
Our hard-working cleaning fairies from Collepietra and the neighbouring village San Valentino are responsible for the cleanliness of the house.

Cuisine: Kurt, Natalie, Hannes and Peter
The young kitchen team with daughter Natalie and young chef Hannes from Collepietra under the supervision of chef Kurt will take care of your culinary well-being. Peter takes care of the dishes and in the summer our Tommy will also help out in the kitchen.

Bikeguides: Martin, Lex and Peter
Our certified bike guides Martin and Lex will accompany you safely on the trails. Martin has been with us for years, Lex since autumn 2017, and both know our biking region like the back of their hand. They will be supported by Peter from Steinegg and of course boss Kurt will get back in the saddle from now and then.

Yoga and Hiking:
Sigrid is a trained yoga teacher and functional fitness trainer. They offer yoga or functional fitness and TRX units several times a week, either in our yoga room or on our spectacular roof terrace. Twice a week she accompanies you on guided hikes.