Dear mountain biker,
since 1995 we offer guided mountain bike tours. This is a long time in which we have gained a lot of experience and this experience is of course of benefit to our guests. Our weekly program is now very extensive, so it can happen that we are on the road with three bike guides at the same time. Since the 1990s, not only mountain biking has changed a lot, but also riding technique. The best investment in recent years have been mountain bike riding technique courses: Stefan Schlie, Manfred Stromberg, Tom Öhler, Marcus Klausmann, Daniel Schäfer and Harald Philipp. Our guests also benefit from these training courses. We are happy to pass these tips on to our guests.


Kurt Resch
Boss, chef and bikeguide

Kurt Resch is one of the pioneers of the mountain bike scene, he is a founding member and since 1997 president of the Bikehotels Südtirol.
With his wife Sonja he runs the Bikehotel Steineggerhof in which well-known types of the bike scene are welcome guests.