We think it's great that so many of our guests join us on our guided mountain bike tours! This is not only due to our perfect biking area, but also to our friendly bike guides Patrick and Hansjörg.
They ensure that the guided bike tours at the Steineggerhof are a unique experience, without stress and hectic - the main thing is that it's fun. The guides are guided by the wishes of the guests. With two performance groups, everyone gets their money's worth, whether it's an easy panoramic tour, a crisp single trail tour or an easier tour.
eBiker: At the Steineggerhof, about 80% of our guests are eBikers. Mostly mountain bikers and eBikers ride in separate groups, but the groups are also mixed. This has proven itself and fits! Every week is different, with different people and different needs. Our experienced guides put the groups together on the spot.
Singles: quickly make friends with us, because there are always bikers in the house.
Level of difficulty: on the guided bike tours we ride in two ability groups. The first group is mostly in S1 with short S2 passages and the second group in S1 and S2 level of the single trail scale. Short S3 passages are rare.
For eBiking we follow the Uhill scale, in the 1st group U0 to U1 and in the 2nd group U1 to U2, with U3 passages.
Condition: depending on the performance group, we ride between 500 and 1,300 hm. In the weaker group, the average is 800 m, which everyone should be able to do, but 1,000 m is better. Those who are less fit can also borrow an eBike. Inexperienced bikers or beginners will be overtaxed on our guided tours. This also applies to eBikers, who find the climbs easier.
Weekly programme: published every Sunday for the coming week and put together depending on the weather.
Guided tours: here you can find dates and photos of the guided bike tours.
when is the best time to go biking: very difficult to say... the weather has changed in the last few years, it has become much warmer and less rainy. In the last few years we even went up above 2,000m in December. Check out the Bikeregion Eggental page for more info.
Children's eBikes Ben-E-Bikes for children from 115 cm upwards
If you have any questions, please send an email to info@steineggerhof.com