The holiday region Catinaccio, Latemar is situated in the southwest of the Dolomites approximately to Bolzano the capital of South Tyrol. The house mountains are Sciliar, Catinaccio and Latemar.

You can find many forest-paths between Bolzano (300m) and the Sciliar(2550m) but still more forest-roads and singletrails. If bikers search a solitary experience here with us you find one’s cost repaid. The tourism centres are far away. On many foot-paths you’ve got no stress with hikers, because you are alone.


February: at the end of the month bike-tours are usually possible up to 1200 m.

March: the snow withdraws more and more. You can take a ride up to 1400m. The fruit trees are blossoming down in the valley.

April: in sunny positions you can ride your bike up to 1700m. At the end of April it can snow to 1200m, but it’s very rare.

May: it becomes warm; temperatures reach often already 30 degrees.

June: now it’s possible to do a bike-tour on the highest passable mountain in the area. However the Sciliar (2250m) is for specialists only.

July: It is very hot, bike-tours to Bolzano is avoided. We prefer routes to the Catinaccio or Latemar, or for example to my mother-in-law.

August: starting from the middle of August the great heat is over, I don’t mean that’s cold now.

September: one of the most beautiful months for biking. The air is clear and so you have the best perspective view. The days become shorter and cooler.

October: with sunny weather we still ride the bike with short trousers. Nevertheless we take along warm clothes.

November: indeed the hotel is closed now, but you can still take a ride with your bike until December.