1965 Residential house with workshop are built. Where the swimming pool and e-bike room are now located, the carpentry business was set up, in which Josef Resch with his 7 workers mainly manufactured roof trusses.

1971 the pension with 31 guest beds is built and opened.

1972 The stress of working in 2 professions (carpenter and innkeeper) is too great for senior boss Sepp. The carpentry business is passed on to an employee. However, his love for his original profession has remained: a small workshop is still in the house.

1973 The pension is extended to 51 guest beds.

1974 The indoor swimming pool is built, a very exhausting work, because the house stands on rock.

1975/76 the garages and the terrace are built.

1976/77 1300 m³ rocks are hewn out of the mountain to make room for playroom and magazine.

1978 the large underground car park is added.

1978/79 The large dining room is built and other rooms above it: the hotel now has 65 beds.

1988 the tank room is renovated.

1992 The filter system in the swimming pool is renewed.

1994/95 The facade is redesigned with air painting.

1994/1995 The hotel is raised by the first floor and the elevator is renewed. Bed capacity remained at 65.
The 90 sqm solar system goes into operation (one of the first in Collepietra).

1995 - 2000 Our house is adapted to the EU fire protection regulations (the final acceptance takes place in 2018 - bureaucratius sends his regards).

1997 The swimming pool is rebuilt and again, ventilation painter Rainer Minatti is at work.

1998 Redesign of the entrance area.

1999 - 2003 All rooms are furnished with light natural furniture.

2001 All windows on the ground floor are replaced.

2002 All balcony doors are replaced.

2003 Bar, hotel lobby and the small dining room are redesigned.

2004 The large dining room is newly furnished.

2005 8 old bathrooms are renovated.

2006 6 old bathrooms are renovated.

2007 Complete renovation of the sauna and entrance area. The indoor swimming pool will be extended with a whirlpool, a relaxation room and a steam sauna.

2008 A new stove is purchased, from now on electricity is used for cooking.
April: Installation of a photovoltaic system: it supplies us with 20 KW of electricity from the sun.
New flat screens are purchased for all rooms.

2009 The last 9 bathrooms are renovated.

2010 The parking lot will be extended, now there is more space for the motorcycle trailers.

2011 All carpets in the guest rooms will be replaced.

2012 The hotel is being made break-in-proof (so far nothing has happened, but precaution does not hurt).

2014 The 19-year-old solar system is replaced and the heating system refurbished: from oil heating to pellet heating.

2016/17 large extension with three floors. The relaxation room is enlarged, a yoga fitness room is added, some rooms are converted into suites, and two new suites are added. The flat-screen TVs will be replaced by larger ones. Absolute highlight: the roof terrace with private SPA.

2020/21 Creation and publication of our first vegan cookbook

2021/22 Sonja prepares and submits the first Common Good balance sheet (419 points).

2022/23 Natural wood flooring (native pine) is installed in the dining room and other rooms; expansion of the photovoltaic system, creation an publication of our second vegan cookbook