FamilieTata Kurt  facebook-logo 

Boss of the house
I am the chef in the Steineggerhof, I advise and accompany motor-cyclists and mountain bikers on their routes. If you have any questions regarding outdoor-activities, just let me know and I will find sometthing exciting for you!
Hobbies: biking, cycling, ski tours, cross-country skiing, photographing and computers
FamilieMama Sonja  facebook-logo

Boss of the house
She comes from the Val d’Ega and is my wife since 1995. Sonja does the guest bookkeeping, she knows all the guests (I don’t really do), and she remembers always where you have slept in the last years and also the table, where you sat. She is a living computer!
 FamilieNatalie Natalie  facebook-logo

(our oldest daughter)
is the happiest girl on earth when she can sit on a horseback. Natalie is dreamy girl. Particularly during mountain-tours she proves much endurance. She is very good at cross-country skiing and she likes to climb on the climbing wall. After her graduation in a schlool for agriculture she started a kitchen apprenticeship, which she finished successfully in March 2017.
FamilieLisa Lisa  facebook-logo

is our second daughter.
She loves reading books, watching shows, listening to rock music and going for walks. During the past summers she gathered work-experience in different hotels and in July 2017 she graduated from high school.
FamilieTom Thomas (Tommy)

our little whirlwind was born in 2003. Tommy was always a very lively kid who loevs to play musicals in Bolzano. He also likes to read and to play key board. Soon he will begin with his kitchen apprenticeship.
FamilieOma Marianne

Senior boss of the house
in the beginning she was the chef and my teacher. From her you can get the best hiker-tips and the best hiking-tails in Southtyrol. She still helps out in the hotel and passionately takes care of all the plants we own.
Familie Opa Josef (Sepp)

Senior boss of the house
the former carpenter converted his private house to the Hotel Steineggerhof in the early seventies.
Unfortunately he passt away in august 2015 after a short, but severe illness.