Already in 1995 we installed our first solar system and became a member of the "environmental friendly hotels in South Tyrol". Then, admittedly, it has remained quiet in this respect for a long time. Only when our children were older this conscious "back to nature" awakened in us anew. Many suggestions came and still come from our teenagers: the older daughter, a horse lover, showed us horrified videos showing how animals are tormented, badly sheltered and simply not treated well. Son Tommy and daughter Lisa have been convinced vegetarians for a long time. Lisa is also looking for alternatives to conventional cosmetics, without plastic packaging, microplastics and 5 million other ingredients: meanwhile she makes a lot herself, using natural and organic ingredients.

In January 2018 we - Sonja and Kurt - went on holiday to Mexico, a beautiful country full of priceless cultural and natural monuments. The negative thing we noticed was that whole areas are littered with plastic, even beaches and the sea were full of plastic waste. Also here at home we took a closer look: in the woods and also on the mountains, along our rivers: again and again waste that is disposed carelessly.
If you take a closer look at this topic you will understand how far-reaching the following are for nature, humans and animals. This is where it clicked: this is not the way we can deal with our earth. Everyone contributes in some way to pollution and littering. And everyone should think about how to change this - and as a logical consequence, actively work for environmental protection, human and animal welfare! Every step counts - and leads in one or the other direction.

Our hotel was certified as a climate-neutral hotel in 2018. It was particularly important to involve our employees, so that everyone pulls on the same rope. Little by little we replaced all cleaning products with ecological products from the South Tyrolean company Hygan. Since 2019 we have been a member of the Biohotels, a hotel group that has convinced us not only with its slogan "everything else doesn't make the world any better". In 2019 we became the first climate positive hotel in South Tyrol!

Being an organic hotel is an attitude to life

Regionality, waste minimization and CO2 reduction
A membership with the Biohotels does not only mean 100% certified organic purchasing, but is an attitude to life. At the annual general meeting of the Biohotels in 2018, we were able to get to know our new colleagues from the Biohotels. The many workshops were not only about organic products, but also about regionality, waste avoidance, animal welfare, ecological building, real sustainability and CO² reduction. A great group, where we immediately felt at home and in good hands.

1 year Biohotel
Our new guests did not really notice the switch from conventional products to organic products. Our regular guests have noticed the change first and foremost in the beverage assortment: no coke by Coca Cola but organic coke from Lammsbräu, no beer from "Forst" but organic beer from Lammsbräu and Köstlan, a smaller assortment of fine organic wines (almost exclusively from South Tyrol). We were able to replace almost all spirits and other beverages with high-quality organic products.
Organic food is healthier, puts less strain on our environment and tastes much better and more intense. We are convinced that organic products are a good investment in the health and well-being of all of us.
Our cuisine remains true to itself: regional, varied and innovative, vegetarian, vegan. Lots of seasonal vegetables and herbs, as much of them as possible from our own garden, high-quality meat, all 100% organic and from the smallest possible area.
We are also not afraid of special diets and intolerances: after training in "gluten-free cuisine" we will soon be certified accordingly (recognised and tested by the Italian coeliac society AIC)

Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025
In 2018, we supported two projects from the Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025 as CO² compensation payments: reforestation in Nicaragua and clean drinking water in Uganda

First climate positive hotel in South Tyrol
In 2019 we became the first climate positive hotel in South Tyrol. This means that we have not only compensated the 48 tons of CO2, through a climate protection project (a forest project in Uruguay), but doubled the amount, so 96 tons of CO2. We were able to reduce our CO2 emissions in 2017, from 7.30 kilograms per night to 4.43 kilograms. By comparison, a conventional hotel measures an emission of over 40 kilograms per night!