Hotel Steineggerhof
Vegetarian and vegan 2018: after 10 years Kurt Resch returns to the Steineggerhof kitchen. Together with daughter Natalie he now leads the kitchen team. Son Tom, future food technician, helps to work out new recipes in his spare time.
When the Reschs moved into the kitchen, the way of cooking was also completely changed:
Since then the meals are mainly vegetarian (son Tom and daughter Lisa are vegetarians). Meat now only plays a role in the main course. Every week ther e is a Veggie Day, where we serve our most delicious vegetarian dishes!
Protagonist of the menus: organic veggies More than 60 % of the organic vegetables we use come from South Tyrol, the rest from other regions of Italy and we get some vegetables from Bavaria. South Tyrol is a mountainous region, so we are dependent on vegetables from the south, especially in spring and autumn.
Our main supplier is the company Biokistl Südtirol, from which we purchase about 4.5 tons of vegetables and 2.6 tons of fruit annually. Each guest eats over 800 grams of vegetables per day!
"Homemade" is not magic In the Steineggerhof kitchen, as much as possible is homemade! We ferment, make juices, pickle, make our own jams, bake bread, make vinegar and, above all, experiment a lot. This gives us the best possible control over the quality of the goods and saves us a lot of packaging waste.
Hundreds of jars of tomato sauce, sauerkraut, kimchi, jams, compotes etc. are in the magazine just waiting to be opened! It will definitely never be boring in the kitchen ;)
Seasonal cooking: often a challenge Honestly, seasonal cooking is sometimes not easy. Especially because we are now used to getting fresh strawberries, melons, tomatoes or grapes all year round. Organic products restricts us even more and so it can happen that, for example, South Tyrolean strawberries are only available for a month. But there are so many different kinds of fruits and vegetables that with a little creativity you can still conjure up varied and great dishes on the table.
...and if you only get cherries, cabbage or radishes for a short time, the excitement for this fruit or vegetable is even bigger!
Treasure chamber: herb garden Our herb garden with over 40 different herbs and flowers is our treasure trove. Nothing can be so difficult to replace as fresh herbs and flowers! Every day we need the fresh taste bombs for our dishes, flowers to decorate the food or as homemade teas. Guardian of the herbs and flowers is grandma Marianna.
Our kitchen: vegetarian, vegan, tasty Since we mainly cook vegetarian and vegan food, our dishes have become more varied, colourful and above all healthier. The South Tyrolean and Italian cuisine offers a great variety of meatless dishes: just think of the various dumplings, pasta dishes and risotti.
Greta Thunberg with the Fridays for Future movement and many other activists have already been able to draw a lot of attention to more conscious consumption and environmental problems. There is a constant shift in thinking, which we also notice in the hotel: in the meantime we serve on average 50 % vegan main courses and 50 % main courses with meat (comparison: 2017 it was only 10% vegetarian dishes).
Vegan - the future trend? Vegan nutrition is often seen as a trendy diet, which it is for many. But it is also important to know that veganism is an way of life for most people and is not just a "diet", but goes far beyond nutrition.
After three years of experimenting and studying from countless vegan cookbooks and websites, we are at a very good point to serve our vegan guests varied and tasty dishes. Also here it is important to us to use regional products. Many vegan recipes include avocado, cashews, almonds, dates, exotic fruits, chia seeds, etc.: we do not use any of these products. Since 2020 we have been making tofu ourselves.
For dessert it is not always so easy, because eggs and cream are a bit difficult to replace. But there are many alternatives: you just have to experiment and find the right one for each recipe! Some dishes cannot be veganised. A classic Tiramisu for example: there is no vegan organic mascarpone.
To allow the kitchen team to prepare well, we ask you to indicate at the time of booking that vegan food is desired :)
Gluten & lactose intolerance, celiac disease and other intolerances Intolerances and food allergies increase from year to year. For the kitchen team it' s an additional effort and a challenge: precise work has to be done. Knowledge and creativity are required. But there is nothing stopping us from accepting this challenge too and our guests with incompatibilities or intolerances can enjoy their holiday with us also culinary without stress :)

We kindly ask you to give us as much information as possible about intolerances/incompatibilities already at the time of booking, so that our kitchen team can prepare itself accordingly.